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P: Affiche art. Is this it?
A: Cookie Dough? Way too mainstream
P: Aw comeon Albertine what's mainstream?
A: Everything we already know.
P: Already know?
A: If it's being marketed it's mainstream; the emphasis has shifted to the money, the idea has become product.
P: What cars, dvd's fashion things?
A: Anything substantial. We might include paintings and sculpture it's all product.
P: And photographs?
A: Most are simply pictograms for aspirational marketing.
P: All I see are the pictorial patterns and compositions of the past
A: A salon art.
P: A continuation of the nineteenth century
A:: But you can never step into the same river twice, of necessity it is different.
P: Photography can never escape time - even in black and white, the clues are always there.
A: And for the contemporary photographer?
P: The awareness of time passing, of what has gone.
A: Classical photography you mean?
P: Yes the craft has gone, and with it the veracity and transparency of the medium.
A: So you abandon the model of a ninetenth century practice?

Yes, anything is possible; remake it anew.

. A flag you said, this must be it