Albertine knocks on the door, it is opened by a doorman
DM: Monsieurs Dames, how can I help?
P: Lucida
DM: Welcome. Your masks? Anonynimity is the new freedom, enjoy.
P: At least its warm. Ah there's Stanley over there
S: Peter Albertine good to see you. You just missed the Eric Baus open floor
A: The poet?
S: Yes you know..." I try to explain why gravity always wins. How lightning is rhetorical. The way “weight takes over a wing” comes to my lips when I pass a downed powerline."
P: Hmm."When the evening is spread out against the sky Like a patient etherised upon a table"
S: Hah your right ambiguity isn't new, but you know that Ellis line..." a novel should be like a dream"?
P: Abandon the structured narrative?
S: Yes, separate fiction and reality - it's only actions that mean anything.
P: Stanley you are so cynical
S: I know, come and look at this