P: The colour itself says "life"
A: I think the toned one more interesting. Seventeen across.... Portugese writer, six letters, third letter S?
P: Pessoa ?

Ah yes Fernando Pessoa, he was a real genius.

It seems to me that the emphasis shifts from the nails.

P: It seems a trivial kind of question, to deliberately take the colour away...
A: There's a time shift, an earlier era
P: Photographs in a period costume attempting to hide their birth date.
A: Pre-modern photography?
P: And aesthetically so alien from what might appear to be their opposite; the colouring of monochrome pictures.
A: So are you still using the soup metaphor?
P: Yes, the words are like the stock, then you grab what's to hand, and sequence the taste.
  SFX: Telephone Ringing
A: I'll get it.