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S: Hah "A Bigger Splash"
A: I think that was Hockney?
P: It was, but this is 2006 think "what's outside the picture"?
S: Lager? So it's a play on morality?
P: It's a period piece
S: It could be Roman?
A: No Stanley then it would have been wine
S: True. So it is contemporary history and another ingredient?
P: Yes
S: I can't see people putting it on their wall at home
A: That is not a criteria I think we should concern ourselves with. Lets rephrase that - are you saying Stanley that this piece is without aesthetic quality?
S: Well no, it has a fractal beauty and an interesting texture. And brown is supposed to be this year's colour. Ok I'll buy that.
A: No Stanley black is this year's colour, do we still have a sale?
P: Ah a happy ending is in sight