A: Isn't it cute?
S: Liebig Condensers?
A: Yes
P: Hand crafted glass
A: Another time shift. They have the beauty of an old pitchfork or a horse drawn cart.
S: So why is this an ingredient in the gumbo?
P: It's the no going back part. I'm not sure that it is any comfort, perhaps it is too factual?
S: Of the three I like the toned black and white one best. You would probably think that a heresy?
P: No that's simply your pleasure in history
A: Oh Stanley it's so comfortable, the black and white nostalgia for a perceived golden age. In retrospect black and white photography seems so err.. obvious.
S: You mean in it's reading?
A: Yes the formal grey scale tonal arrangements offering themselves for an intuitive golden section analysis, the collective memory of artefacts and of time passed; it's easy. The colour representation is shock horror brashness, I like it more.
S: And the one with the textual analysis?
A: Structuralism's reductio ad absurdum, a path that led nowhere.
S: So Albertina are you saying that the visual research in the seventies was a waste of time?
A: No in any research a negative result is as valuable as a positive one in deciding your next move. With a negative you don't strike gold, but you know where not to dig. What time is it Peter?
P: It's nearly four
A: Shall we go?