H: Batteries, memory, lighter, papers
A: Shall we take a bottle?
P: Brandy? Don't confuse us Albertine, Holly was asking about the text
A: The dead hand of the critic I'd say
P: That's the metaphor. But how does it affect the viewing and once you start such an analysis, is the end point merely arbtrary.
A: Analysis, analysis the trivia of academic writers, neurophysiology tells us that we don't respond to art by analysis; that is a secondary concern. We need to keep the mystery!
P: You learn more by looking outside of the picture.
H: What's that thing - there; that you haven't labeled?
P: It's irrelevant
H: But it's there, it must be a part?
A: The charm of photographs are the incidental inclusions, the messy warp and weft of the world
H: I like the colour one best
P & A Me to
A: Shall we go ?
: Ad lib goodbyes to Holly