The Villa Savoye - Reconstruction (2009-10)

Second Life Villa Savoye Exterior


So I started to build, clumsily at first, teaching myself as I went along supplemented by in-world workshops and many days spent practicing in sandpits where my understanding of technique slowly improved. I experimented with making jewellery, clothes, lighting, books, shoes as well as architecture and each of these processes taught me new techniques and more about the anatomy and tools of this virtual world.

On my travels I had seen many examples of reconstructions of real world buildings , particularly the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and superb reconstructions of galleries like the Museum of Dredsen.

However I did not find any buildings by the father of European modernist architecture - Le Corbusier. Consequently I decided, rashly in retrospect, to challenge myself to make that traditional student apprentice piece; an in-world reconstruction of Le Corbusier's landmark modernist building the "Villa Savoye".

Second Life Villa Savoye Terrace