Demi Olkhovsky (2009)


Second Life Avatar DD


Attraction between people is fundamentally a response to a visual stimulis and it is a cliche of Second Life that the same is true avatars. But here it is a little more knowing and visible as the gaze of real world men and women are marked on the viewers screen by 'Show Look' crosshairs as their avatars gaze at each other and pass in those Winogrand moments like ships in the night.

In all probablity the real person is very different from the avatar, this is after all a perpetual masked ball where nothing can be taken for granted and as with the ballo in maschera women may well be masked men and vice versa.

Most people however endeavor to make their avatars look like themselves, albeit a little younger and weighing a few less pounds but it can take a long time to create a character and no matter how falsely it represents the real person, ultimately people publically reveal their true personality in the spaces between their lines of typed text.