Ilsa Hesse (2009)


Second Life Avatar IH


I could talk about education in Second Life or about enterprise applications or leadership many of which have a narrative arc at their instructive core.

Learning through role play in Second Life is an innovative, exciting and cost effective approach to for example - skilling medical students in triage, learning a foreign language by immersing yourself in a virtual Italian trattoria or maybe learning accredited diving rescue techniques in the safety of an underwater simulation.

An alternative approach is taken by the creators of 'Story Quest' who ask children in the Teen Grid to explore through role play "What is it like to be a blind person's dog ?" Elsewhere real lives are the starting point for the narrative "What was it like to be on the streets of Berlin during Kristalnacht?" or the World Health Organisation asking school children to explore "What kind of life do you have when drinking water is a five mile walk away?"- even for an avatar it is a long and very time consuming walk.

As one educator described it

"It's one thing to read about how to respond to a critical health incident in a book, quite different Role Playing it with others in real time" Marc Rexen (SL)