Le Chateau de Roissy (2008)

Second Life Le Chateau de Roissy


For such a modern medium there are an enormous number of sims which contextualise themselves in a historical era or national cultural niche. Alexandria, Amazon, Anjun Colonies, Athenian Empire, Atlantis, Byzantium, Egypt, Macedon, Mesopotamia, Minoan Empire, Mongolian Empire, Nordhaven, Peloponnesia, Persia, Rennaisance Island, Rhodes, Roma, Roman Empire, Spartan Empire, Troy, Venetia. Oh and all the modern world cities are here to.

With a vison lacking in most most educational institutions, because hehe a revolution is afoot here, in September 2009 The University of Texas bought Nineteen Islands in Second Life, sixteen for faculty and three reserved for administration, approximate cost $15K.