Rob Knopp - Lecture on Gamma Radiation Bursts (2009)

Second Life Rob Knopp


The real life Rob Knop is another Second Life Star and one who uses the education potential of Second Life with remarkable facility in his lectures on astrophysics.

Part of the richnesss of Second Life comes from it's communication tools and although voice is an easy option it isn't commonly used, except for performances, readings or lectures, most residents still prefer to communicate through the ubiquitous chat box.

Conversations can be held in public but more frequently they are private encrypted internet messages and of course you can hold conversations with many avatars at the same time whether they are in the immediate vicinity or residing on another island sim. So even at a lecture or concert you can talk privately, another consequence is of course that you never know who is talking to who, maybe someone is even hitting on your girlfriend while she sits next to you.