Howard Barker performance "13 Objects" (2009)

Second Life Howard Barker performance '13 Objects'


There is in Second Life a superb and faithful reconstruction of the Museum of Dresden, and in the entrance lobby a very simple question is asked of the visitor "How does the experience of visiting this virtual museum compare with a visit to a real world museum?" The Dresden build is an awesome
demonstration of what is possible in Second Life and something which every world class art museum should emulate because my answer to their question is that the experience is remarkably close and aeons ahead of the static museum web pages we are familair with.

Performance art has also found a new dimension for exploration in Second Life where Ballet Pixelle are sponsored by IBM, Ina Cenatur's Globe theatre offers live performances of Shakespeare plays and countless music concerts are given nightly. Again the question needs to be asked - How does this
experience compare with a real world experience ?

On many occasions I have been impressed by the work that has gone into a production but I recollect in particular a performance by the Avatar Repertory Company of "13 Objects" by the British playwright Howard Barker. At the conclusion of the final act I teleported home and while sitting in front of my particle fire I felt deeply and profoundly that I had actually been to the theatre, I can't think of a higher compliment that I could pay to the Avatar Repertory Company and the workers at Linden Lab.