This work began in my kitchen, specifically the view from my kitchen window which looks out over Liverpool and a panorama of changing sky. From this view the Anglican cathedral sits like a moored ship on the distant horizon and beneath it lies the lowly parish of Toxteth, much of it older than the cathedral .

In the foreground light industrial buildings hedge the largely derelict Welsh Streets, the scene is a jumble of roofs, patchwork tiles, misplaced brickwork and statuesque trees which happily seem to grow in tarmac.

There is a private life there too, and I thought of others who had made studies of the changing weather using watercolour and oil, capturing the transient moving chiaroscuro of nimbo cumulus clouds as they scooted across the sky and mine seemed paltry affairs, mine were more accurate of course but by comparison there was negligible effort.

But rather than seeking comparison and the question of how did photography compare, particularly now that any claim to craft has been rendered obsolete, I was left with the simple question of how to re-present the view.

"Clouds... Today I'm conscious of the sky, but there are days when I just feel it and don't look at it, when I just live in the city and not in the world of nature that includes it."

Fernando Pessoa

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