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001 January 5th 2004

What in the stream of visual consciousness prompts the making of a photograph? Baudrilliard refers to these visual moments " [that they]...demand to be photographed".

Over a year, to publish and narrate pictures of nominal subject matter and obliged to respond to anything demanding to be photographed. With only minimal reason or explanation of an otherwise aleatoric process, these pages are my studio.

The formal rectangular shape of these early pieces seemed to declare itself. Related to the web banner format, the shape gives latitude in post production composition and the shape and the presentation seems capable of ironic or mocking gestures"I shop therefor I am". So I fix the size as a 486 x 100 pixels banner. Texas because the window catch in the photograph was looking like the cocked hammer of a rifle and I had been watching a programme about the "Texas" people, sad folk.


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