Days in Eldorado : Peter Hagerty 1989 (2001)
Thirty Nine Colour Photographs

Pieces from this work were originally shown at variousgalleries sometimes in a more complete form than at others. The present piece is the complete body of work. Liverpool, my native city, provides the background to this narrative made circa 1987- 89.

I have never felt drawn to follow the practices of contemporary photographers who record, and perhaps exploit, other people's lives. Photographs are inherently a reflection of the photographer's view and often bear no relation to "truth".

Instead my concern has been to investigate the overlap between the photograph and the viewer's response, and without the viewer there is nothing.

In describing my attitude it would be expressionist rather than documentary, while remaining faithful to the practice of of an art which finds the seen world stranger than fiction. In seeking to exploit the given I have consequently, no interest in post production.

The original 12 x 16 inch exhibition prints were made on Fuji Crystal Archive paper from Fuji Reala negatives and all made with a Minox 35 GT-E.

The web and CD contains 39 photographs each 650 x 450 pixels.

Liverpool 2001


Days in Eldorado : 1989 (2001)