europa (2002)

The languages of Europa still resist unification, but in the absence of clues offered by language,the European countries are already one.

Occasional snippets of text, linguistic tropes, totems and symbols may give emphasis to regional practices, but otherwise the cultural landscape is homogeneous.

These photographs of the Northern European cities of Liverpool, Dublin, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Bucharest are easily transposed, transplanted and re-contextualised as part of the common currency of "a" European history.

While the pictures propose a narrative, the series was not formulated with the ambition of a Francis Frith or Maxine du Camp, or even as some proof of concept. Instead it evolved from the acquaintance, friendship and hospitality of the members of Fantom whom I take this opportunity to thank.

August 2002


And if I open some history of France , England, Spain or Germany, the contrast between what they were and what they are gives me, besides a certain vertigo, the pride of having discovered at last the axioms of twilight.
E M Cioran
Peter Hagerty
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