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Dr Peter Hagerty is a photographer, writer and metaverse creator from Liverpool , UK.

Peter was the founder Exhibitions Director of the Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool's first gallery devoted to photography. Subsequently, he would initiate a campaign to established a charitable trust on behalf of the photographer Chambré Hardman and campaigned for the retention in Liverpool of his unique collection of photographs and ephemera. As a result of enormous public support Hardman's House and Studio is now one of three National Trust properties on Merseyside.

In recognition of this historical research Peter was subsequently awarded a three year Doctoral Research Grant from Liverpool John Moores University and after the award of his PhD he continued to teach academic research to photography graduate students.

Peter is currently Chairperson of the Chambré Hardman Trust.

His doctoral thesis funded by Liverpool School of Art can be read and downloaded here "The Continuity of Landscape Representation: the Photography of E.Chambré Hardman (1898-1988)"



Imagine the Future at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan (2012). [1400w]

Metaverse Art by Giovanna Cerise, Nessuno Myoo and Noke Yuitza.

SL9B (2012) [1000w]

This year Second Life's Ninth birthday celebration SL9B with the theme 'community' had contributions from artists and the creative community which resulted in so many personal reveries that it was on a scale reminiscent of a Biennial or Documenta exhibition slog. more...

The Metaverse Pioneers and the Colonisation of Open Simulator (2012) [8400w PDF]

Abstract : The paper describes virtual worlds as exemplars of the virtual space and outlines the technical aspect of these spaces and their precursors. It describes the potential economic space as an emergent economic spaces and considers the important place of the virtual space in social networking and future border less collaboration. The aesthetics of the virtual space are described and where applicable related to real world art practice before outlining psychological and metaphysical questions, particularly the characteristic gestalt and phenomenological nature of the virtual space and areas for future research. more...

ISEA2011 Istanbul - Paper Presentation "Archipelagos of Art" [2500w]

This paper considers the rapidly growing metaverse and it's implications for a post industrial society with particular reference to the new art forms specific to this new medium

Watch Avatar Presentation(20mins) ISEA2011 Istanbul

Download PDF "Archipelagos of Art" ISEA2011 Istanbul

Enterprise Applications for Virtual Worlds (2010)

There was a time when the artisan craftsman lived above his workshop and the agricultural worker walked to her fields. By the mid twentieth century the agricultural worker's life was no more, replaced by industrial and office workers commuting to work by car. more...

But is it Art ? (2009)

What surprised me most when I first visited Second Life was that there were already more than 60,000 people online and working in this virtual world, this I thought could well be the biggest classroom on the planet. more...

Since 2016 Peter has been working on Philip Rosedale's metaverrse platform High Fidelity which is currently in alpha phase but will revolutionise the metaverse creating the first 3D world wide web for education and enterprise


Kitchen Cloudscapes (arklo.com2012)

HOPE ( 2012)

Winter Segues into Spring ( 2011)

Seven Meditations on the Hydrogen Bond ( 2010)

But is it Art ? ( 2009)

Stone, Paper, Scissors ( 2008)

2008 Continuing Collaborations with E-Space lab & Shanghai & Palestine

Knee Story ( 2007)

2007 Continuing Collaboration with E-Space lab & Shanghai

Shanghai Bienial 2006 (Collaboration with E_Space Lab

Edgey Journal ( 2006)

GUMBO ( 2006)

Video Diary (2006 Collaboration with Die Fabrikanten Linz)

Liverpool-Shanghai (2006 Collaboration with E_Space Lab) @ Bluecoat, Liverpool

Liverpool II ( 2005)

Book of Days ( 2004)

Looking for Helen ( 2002)

From Ruskin's Window ( 2001)

The Flower Show (Harewood House,Leeds,1999)

Imaginary Places  (Group Touring Exhibition: The Ikon Gallery; Birmingham, 1997-98)

The ABC Project (The Feren's Art Gallery; Hull & Visionfest; Liverpool, 1996)

Seasonal Menu  (Visionfest; Liverpool, 1995)

Special Marks  (Merseyside Maritime Museum; Liverpool, 1991)

Days in Eldorado (Bluecoat Gallery; Liverpool & City Art Gallery; Oldham, 1990, Ikkon Gallery, Birmingham 1995)

Days in Eldorado Available as Self Published Book (2010) - HERE)

Merseyside Artists (Walker Art Gallery;Liverpool, 1985)

The State (Bluecoat Gallery; Liverpool, 1984)

The State (Museum of Modern Art; Oxford, 1984)

British Polaroids  (Spectro Gallery; Newcastle, 1983)

36 Views of Mount James (Bluecoat Gallery; Liverpool, 1982)

36 Views of Mount James (University of Cardiff, 1982)

European Exhibits

Absence dévisagée BASF-France, Paris (2000)

Brief Encounters Melbourne Subway System, Australia.(2000)

The World is Not Perfect (Group Exhibition; Galerie du Bellay, Mont-Saint-Aignan,Rouen 1999)

The World is Not Perfect (Group Exhibition Galerie Windspiel; Berlin, 1998)

The World is NotPerfect (Group Exhibition; Etablissment o.f.; Paris, 1998)

The World is Not Perfect (Group Exhibition;La Foundation Memoria; Bucarest, 1997)

Fleurs (Fantom chez Paquerrettes; Rouen, 1995)

Liverpool-Berlin-Bucarest  (WAST Archive; Berlin, 1994)

Liverpool-Berlin Photographs (Academia de Arta; Bucarest, 1993)

Berliner Bilder(Galerie Fantom; Berlin, 1993)

Arcady(Galerie Fantom; Berlin, 1991)

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