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Peter Hagerty


Bleed (2014)

Bleed describes the relationship between virtual and real identities and the remarkable gestalt where the character actor and the out of character typist 'bleed' into one another. There is a similar effect when reading a novel or watching a film experienced as the empathy you have for the characters and following from this is the memory of the experience, the film becomes a part of you, a book becomes a part of you, just as much as last years holiday is a part of you.

Days in Eldorado (2010)

Days in Eldorado is an edit from an original suite of Type C colour photographs made in and around Liverpool between 1984 - 2002. Final edit by Padraig Timoney and Tom Wood.


Kitchen Cloudscapes (2012)

I had been thinking about landscape photography, i know the landscape is always changing but usually not much and i know we like trees the right way up and clouds and things and maybe photography couldn't show anything new beyond Instagram.

Hope (2012)

Maybe it was just winter blues but there didn't seem much hope and I had been re-reading a lot of the poetry of Peter Reading (1946-2011) who had recently died, so it's also a small dedication to a great talent

Winter Segues into Spring (2011)

The dense silhouettes of trees segues to the coloured petals of spring and summer.

Seven Meditations on the Hydrogen Bond (2010)

The bathroom window got frozen over it was so cold but it was worth it. seeing these simple linkages of water giving rise to beautiful fractal patterns when frozen on a window pane

But is it Art ? (2009)

The landscape of the metaverse is changing at a phenomenal rate, virtual world grids currently number about two hundred within a decade they will number in their millions

Stone, Paper Scissors (2008)

The cultural annexation by the museums of photography as a meta narrative of history is a particularly english phenomena.

Knee Story (2007)

A total knee replacement is a common procedure these days...

Edgey Journal (2007

These days I rely on my phone for the time, I try to remember my watch but don't worry overmuch if I forget it; increasingly I've noticed that I am doing the same with my camera. It seems that after only ten years of manufacture the mobile phone camera has all but superceded the domestic camera (and the watch).

Gumbo (2006)

It's a soup? Kinda - various ingredients, cooked up
So it's food? More a history

Liverpool II (2005)

The centre of the city of Liverpool is currently being redeveloped for shopping and housing. Originally the ancient site of the castle and later an area of docks, the excavated site of Chavasse Park will form a four level underground car park.

Scans (2005)

Intrigued by the difference in the scanner picture due to gravity.

Book of Days (2004)

Over a year, to publish and narrate pictures of nominal subject matter and obliged to respond to anything demanding to be photographed. With only minimal reason or explanation of an otherwise aleatoric process, these pages are my studio.

europa (2002)

European Journeys in the Second Millenium. 35 photographs.

Looking for Helen (2002)

A narrative of the sea and the sublime. 40 photographs.

From Ruskin's Window (1999)

A cultural overlap reworking the idea of the beautiful landscape. 39 photographs.

SeasonalMenu (1998)

Skins of fruits and flesh. 10 photographs.

Days in Eldorado (1989)

The fabulous city of Eldorado, revealed. 39 photographs.

Days in Eldorado Available as Self Published Book (2010) - HERE)

The State (1984)

The State - then the most exotic of Liverpool clubs.

Thirty Six views of Mount James(1982)

Thirty Six Views takes its title from the work of the Japanese artist Hokusai who along with others built upon a historical tradition of such views.


ISEA2011 Istanbul - Paper Presentation "Archipelagos of Art"

A short paper (2500w) considering the rapidly growing metaverse and it's implications for a post industrial society with particular reference to the new art forms specific to this new medium

Watch Avatar Presentation(20mins) ISEA2011 Istanbul

Download PDF "Archipelagos of Art" ISEA2011 Istanbul

Enterprise Applications for Virtual Worlds (2010)

But is it Art ? (2009)

Edward Chambré Hardman Research

E.Chambré Hardman documents

The Continuity of Landscape Representation: the Photography of E.Chambré Hardman (1898-1988)

Interiors of E Chambré Hardman house and studio

Ten B & W interiors of Hardman's studio (July 1988) prior to re-ordering. Authored with Macromedia's Flash.

BA Photography Education

History of Photography Resources

Photography resources, critical studies, history of photography, bibliographies

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